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Nadia Maree Music Studio is located in Oxnard near Sierra Linda Elementary School.  I teach children of all ages and my approach is to make music fun and engaging so they fall in love with something that will be with them for a lifetime.  The studio offers a lab portion to lesson sessions, which is something no other studio in Ventura County offers.  Students have an allocated portion of their session in the piano lab where they do guided but independent study with an iPad and digital piano to hone their skills in note recognition, sight reading, ear training, and internalized rhythm through gamified study.  Studio membership includes access to the these paid apps and premium membership to programs such as Piano Maestro and Dust Busters.


Reach out via the email or the chat feature if you would like to set up a free consultation to meet and discuss membership.  This is an opportunity for the student and teacher to meet and connect---this rapport is essential to student success!  If the teacher and student have a natural connection, it will make a huge difference in the enjoyment of lesson time for both.


As of July 2022 the studio is almost full, but there are a couple spots left.

If you'd like to move forward, please click the Parent Portal tab to register (this only puts your information into the studio management platform so that your consult can go on the calendar; it does not guarantee enrollment nor will you be charged) and I'll reach out to you personally with possible consult dates.

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